They make up our stories. It is such a special honor to be a part of capturing moments.  

Live in the moments you'll never forget. 


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Meet Me!

I am Caitlin Whorton-  A senior and family photographer based in Russellville, Arkansas.  In 2009, my husband bought me my first REAL camera, and I'm never looking back!

Photography is a passion that our family shares together- from my mother-in-law who taught me the trade to her filmmaker son (my husband) I'm CRAZY about.  We view ourselves as storytellers who aren't afraid to push creative boundaries that allow us to capture exactly who you are and what you love- whether that's an easy stroll through the park with your dogs or chalk dust explosion sessions that match your personality!

We have two fun-loving and wild boys with the sweetest hearts and the cutest faces. Two dogs, Moose and Rudy, add to our crazy and love us unconditionally. 

My favs? PIZZA is my love language- I could eat it every day.  I'm a sudden coffee drinker and neeed it in my life, but even with it,  napping is my superpower!

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